• Magnetic-electronic Automatic Reservation System(MARS)
    The online system of the biggest in Japan

    A rate of operation of MARS is 99.999%.
    In order to respond our customer’s trust and needs,
    MARS will also continue the daily evolution forward.
  • ASSIST MARS (Ticket vending machine with receiver)
    Connects the call center with the MV-50 terminal,
    thereby allowing remote window services.
  • The Customer-operated terminal “MV-60”
    Any number of terminals can be freely installed in any environment!
    This stand-alone cashless ticket vending machine
    can quickly respond to customer demand for tickets.
  • The Rail ticketing services of the future
    Anywhere – Can be used easily by anywhere –
    Anyone – Can be used easily by anyone –
    Anything – Can efficiently cope with the diversifying needs of customers –
    Let’s take a look at the efforts we’re making towards our future.


MARS (Magnetic-electronic Automatic Reservation System)
- The Integrated Travel Services Sales System -

MARS always at the forefront of each age, while looking ahead to the next generation of computing technologies.

The Staff-operated terminal
- MR-52 -

The staff-operated terminal has been supported JR ticket offices for 25 years.

Meanwhile, the terminal has been evolving “ease of use”, “speed” and ”high serviceability” required for ticket office operations.
※Panel exhibition only.

The Customer-operated terminal
- MV-50 -

The smart ticket vending machine can provide the same service as the actual ticket offices and pursue “easy to use” and “comprehensible” for customers.

- Ticket vending machine with receiver -

Passenger-operated terminals (MV-50) installed in each station connect to a call center and allow for remote window service.

The use of ASSIST MARS as an after-hours ticket office makes ticket operations more efficient.

Customer-operated terminal
- MV-60 -

This is a cash-less, stand-alone ticket vending machine that can be installed without the use of a booth. It offers full guidance to passengers, such as the eye-catch monitor, which provides information on seating in upcoming trains.

This terminal was created to meet expanding ticket demand and improve the rate of use of terminals.

The Railway Ticketing Service of the Future

As technology advances and the needs of passengers shift, the style in which train stations are used will continue to diversify. We are moving forward into the future to allow anyone to easily purchase tickets anywhere.

* We’re exhibiting services using a tablet or robot that allow the input of ticket purchasing information in advance.

* We’re exhibiting mobility reservation and payment services using a MaaS Chatbot.