Station Use of the Future

As technology advances and the needs of passengers shift, the style in which train stations are used will continue to diversify. In the near future, we believe that the driving force behind station operations will transition from humans to autonomous AI and robots.
We are moving forward into the future to allow anyone to easily purchase tickets anywhere.

Pre-Entry of Purchase Details Service


Station staff use tablets to complete the purchase process for customers visiting JR Ticket office (Midori-no-madoguchi).
Customers can enjoy peace-of-mind that their details are correct because station staff enter all the data.

Reduces ticket lines at the counter
Reduces customer service time
Multi-lingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese)
Easy ticket printing

Example Usage


Pepper shares information using sound, movement, and its display.
Pepper assists customers purchasing tickets and guides them to the MV terminals.

PUSH-style information sharing
Adorable conversation and gestures
Multi-lingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese)
Increases independent ticket purchases

Example Usage

* This service was independently developed by Railway Information Systems Co.,Ltd utilizing the Pepper robot by SoftBank Robotics.

Mobility Consolidated Reservation & Payment Service

MaaS Chatbot(Prototype)

Enable easy ticket purchasing for anyone, no matter the time or place. The MaaS Chatbot aims to provide consolidated reservation and purchasing covering the entire trip from transport options such as trains and buses to lodging such as hotels.

Consolidated reservation & purchasing of all travel needs
Board transport using a 2D barcode or facial recognition
Increases independent ticket purchases