About MV-60

This is a cashless ticket vending machine that was meant to be installed in environments harsh for machines, such as station concourses and platforms.
It features an Eye-Catch Monitor that can provide seating information on upcoming trains, as well as an Eye-Catch Panel suitable for advertisements and passenger information, thereby providing full-service guidance to passengers. By expanding the areas where tickets can be purchased, this simplified passenger-operated ticketing terminal improves the use rate of ticket vending machines and offers quick access to the functions of the MV-50.


Equipment Configuration

Hardware composition

  • 1 Eye-Catch Monitor
  • 2 Eye-Catch Panel
  • 3 Operating signal lamp
  • 4 Rear view mirror
  • 5 Customer-operated panel(touch panel)
  • 6 Quick response barcode reader
  • 7 IC card reader
  • 8 Numeric keypad
  • 9 Ticket slot
  • 10 Credit card reader
  • 11 Customer approach sensor
  • 12 Rear view mirror


The Eye-Catch Monitor offers simple ticket purchases and seating information on upcoming trains

This provides quick information and ticketing services for upcoming trains on station concourses and platforms for passengers who have not reserved in advance or have yet to purchase a ticket for a transit or connection. By minimizing the amount of terminal operations and allowing for ticketing right up until the train departs, these terminals improve the rate of use.

Quick response barcode reader allows for simple and quick ticketing

Ticketing becomes even faster by scanning two-dimensional barcodes printed on pamphlets or Quick response barcodes that contain search results for train connections. This eliminates the stress of information entry errors, and tickets can be purchased easily and reliably by anyone.

Payments/charges using an IC card

Payments and charges can be made with an IC card.

Supporting for 4 languages

To complete support for foreign tourist, screen and voice guidance is available in 4 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Customer can choose their language with simply touching on the screen.

Resistant to moisture and temperature changes, this stand-alone terminal can be installed in harsh environments

This terminal is resistant to moisture, dust and temperature changes, and can be installed on platforms with frequent exposure to wind and rain. It also incorporates anti-theft measures. All of these features allow for it to be installed by itself without the need for a booth.

Moisture- resistant features
A terminal housing was designed and developed to be resistant to the level of moisture anticipated on station platforms. A rain cover was also placed over the ticket ports.
Dust- resistant features
The design also takes fully into consideration the dusty and dirty environments around station platforms and concourses.
Temperature-change resistant
The terminals have been adapted to a large range of temperatures than conventional terminals so that they can be installed in environments with annual temperature swings of between -5℃ and 40℃.
Anti-theft measures
Theft and vandalism was also taken into consideration, and the terminal can detect and sound an alarm when its ports are forced open.