About MV-50

The smart ticket vending machine can provide the same service as the actual ticket offices and pursue “easy to use” and “comprehensible” for customers.
A variety of contents displayed on “Eye-catch Monitor” can attract customers efficiently, and total of cost and installing space can be reduced because the terminal can issue not only an express reserved seat ticket, but any other type of ticket or pass like short distance ticket or commuter pass.

[Please click to play demonstration video of the feature of “MV-50”.]


Hardware composition

  • 1 Eye-Catch Monitor
  • 2 Rear view mirror
  • 3 Customer-service camera
  • 4 Customer-operated panel(touch panel)
  • 5 Coin slot
  • 6 Hand-level camera
  • 7 Bill slot
  • 8 Credit card reader
  • 9 Change return slot for bills
  • 10 Ticket slot
  • 11 Change return slot for coins
  • 12 Numeric keypad
  • 13 Quick response barcode reader
  • 14 Rear view mirror
  • 15 IC cared reader
  • 16 Customer approach sensor


Increased visibility and higher rates of use with “Eye-Catch Monitor”

Full color and new wide-screen display “Eye-Catch Monitor” can present wide range of information such as guidance for available types of ticket, service information, and recommended types of ticket by the season.This monitor will lead customers effective and improve visibility and higher rates of use.

Switching guidance depend on available types of tickets

Recommended types of tickets, and other types of displays

Increasing in size of display has made a progress in usability and visibility

17-inch touch panel display with the larger size of button and character was adopted for more visible and easier to use.
Customers become able to see display clearly and operate easily.

Simple operation screen improve usability

The amount of information in a screen is reduced to understand what to do next at a glance, and the screen contents is used an easy-to-use design.

Supporting for 4 languages

To complete support for foreign tourist, screen and voice guidance is available in 4 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Customer can choose their language with simply touching on the screen.

Short distance tickets (Edmondson railway ticket) issuing

Customers used to purchase short distance with a ticket vending machine other than MV terminal. Now “MV-50” can treats short distance ticket just customer inputs the station name or pushes the ticket fee button.

Quick, simple and reliable ticket issuing “Simple ticket issuing functions”

Quick Response code printed on pamphlets or IC card, IC-equipped mobile phone can be used simply by holding them to the terminal.It makes customers easy, quick and accurate to purchase tickets.

Prevention of wrong refilling of change

4 kinds of coins (10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen, and 500 yen) are automatically classified and counted after putting coins into coin box together. This feature prevents from wrong refill of change and it becomes easier when staffs refill change to the terminal.

Support for recovery when the malfunction occurs

The customer-service camera shows an overall view of the customer and hand-level camera confirms currency, cards, or issued tickets. Staffs can watch these images at the terminal’s rear screen and support customers when customers are in trouble for purchasing Further in case ticket jams occur, staffs can restore easily with the rear screen that shows restore procedure.


The terminal has various lineups below for any use or space.

Terminal exclusive use for credit card payment (“MV-50C”)

This terminal is exclusive use for credit card payment for increasing customers who pay in credit card.This terminal achieves low-cost, because the terminal needs less components for specialized in payment method.

Stand-alone customer-operated terminal (“MV-60”)

This stand-alone terminal can be installed even at a narrow space like a concourse of the station or platform. This terminal is exclusive use for credit card payment, and has same function as MV-50.