About MR-52

The staff-operated terminal has been supported JR ticket offices for 25 years.
Meanwhile, the terminal has been evolving “ease of use”, “speed” and ”high serviceability” required for ticket office operations.
Finally, the newest terminal, “MR-52” has taken to its next step forward.

[Please click to play demonstration video of the feature of “MR-52”.]

Equipment Configuration

Hardware composition

  • 1 control device (detail explanation is below)
  • 2 ticket printer (detail explanation is below)
  • 3 receipt printer
  • 4 customer display

Control device components

  • 5 touch panel
  • 6 keyboard for control device
  • 7 credit card reader
  • 8 CD/DVD drive

Ticket printer components

  • 9 Magnetized ticket issuing part
  • 10 IC commuters-pass issuing part


Uses a screen contents designed for easy operation

The layout of contents is inherited as before for staff members who have operated the MR type terminal. Besides, screen contents is designed so that even beginner staff members at the ticket office can operate intuitively.

  • 11 The staff can enter the data as the customer asked regardless of the input order.
  • 12 Buttons which should be chosen are focused corresponding to the input data.
  • 13 Buttons at the same kind is displayed by grouping.

Perfect staff assistance functions support any operations at the ticket office.

Information such as train car formations, route information, and operating manuals can be quickly viewed when needed.

For faster ticket issuing, commonly used routes or trains can be registered in advance and accessed with a single action.

Dual paper rolls and Slot-in mechanism

  • Dual paper rolls prevent the lack of paper during customer service and the rolls can be used up completely with no waste of paper.
  • It is automatically switched when a side of paper roll is end. It takes a few seconds to switch to a new roll, with no impact on ticket operations.
  • Anyone can refill paper rolls easily with the slot-in method, just slot the paper rolls in the machine and close the cover.

Restore support for any malfunctions occurring in ticket printers

In case ticket jams occur, their locations are clearly indicated by LED lamps, and a handling method is displayed on the screen. Then any staff can restore the malfunctions.

A variety of guidance with the customer display

  • The customer display can show a variety of ticket information, because of the requirement that staffs want to show ticket information more visually and friendly for various needs of customers.
  • English announce is partially available for the foreign customers.

Keep a high serviceability

  • Even if the malfunction of the control device occurs, anyone can restore soon because it is possible to change components without using screwdrivers.
  • Ticket printer have an automatic cleaning function of the printer head to keep the quality of printing.( Same as IC commuters-pass issuing unit)