The “MV-50” terminals located at train stations are connected with a Call Center which enables operators to offer ticket office service by using remote audio and video guidance. ASSIST MARS can issue tickets that requires identifications which MV-50 cannot do. It will make ticket office operation even more efficient and especially after the office hour.

To see how the ASSIST MARS works, please check the video.

System Structure

Overall structure

ASSIST MARS can provide its service by adding auditory and visual devices to the MV-50.It is connected to the staff-operated terminal at the call center. The server between the MV-50 and the staff-operated terminal makes possible for the operator to communicate with the customer.

ASSIST MV ( Facilities at the Station)

  • 1 Customer operated “MV-50” terminal.
  • 2 Monitor.
  • 3 Speaker.
  • 4 Camera for the operator to identify the customer.
  • 5 Microphone.
  • 6 Receiver.
  • 7 Camera for confirming tickets or identifications.
  • 8 Ticket (ID) placement area.

Assist MR (Facilities at the Call Center)

  • 9 Staff-operated terminal.
  • 10 Computer display to show customers and identifications.
  • 11 Camera to capture the operator.
  • 12 Main unit of the call center.(Control unit)

Advantages of the ASSIST MARS

Offer the same services as ticket offices

ASSIST MARS can issue tickets that require identifications, student commuter passes, discounted tickets, and refunds. By using auditory and visual device, ASSIST MARS operators are able to help their customers that MV-50 can’t handle, even from the distance.


If assistance needed, just press “Call” on the MV-50 screen. The operator at the call center will answer soon.


The operator confirms customers identification through the camera then issues tickets by operating staff-operated terminal.


Customers make payment by cash or credit cards through MV-50.

Operators can give support for operation of the MV-50

If a customer is unsure of how to use the ticket vending machine, operators at the call center can give assistance. Both operators and customers can refer to the same screen which is easy for the operator to give instructions.


A “finger” appears on the customer’s screen. The operator moves it to guide the customer.


The operator can give specific instructions to the customer since they both looking at the same screen.

Multilingual operators support customers from abroad

By assigning multilingual operators at the call center, ASSIST MARS can provide its service to customers from abroad.

Auto-translate function

The operator’s Japanese is automatically translated into the passenger’s language, which is displayed on the same monitor the operator’s image appears. This helps to facilitate communication between the operator and non-Japanese passengers.

The MV-50 as a smart ticket vending machine

If operator assistance is not in need, customers can use the machine to purchase tickets on their own, just as they do on the other machines.

The examples of tickets MV-50 provides;

  • Reserved-seat tickets
  • Non-reserved seat tickets
  • Boarding tickets
  • Commuter passes
  • Seasonal tickets, etc.